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Actor Njoro Physical Appearance At Papa Shirandula’s Burial Worry Kenyans.



Actor Njoro Physical Appearance At Papa Shirandula Burial Worry Kenyans.

Famous Papa Sirandula series actor, Njoroge aka Njoro who was a close  friend to the late actor, Charles Bukeko aka Papa Shirandula, has surprise Kenyans after pictures of him at Papa Shirandula’s Burial ceremony, land on social media.

Njoro physical appearance staring from the face suggest that something is wrong with him with many Kenyans thinking that may be the death of his friend Papa Shirandula affected him so much.

This comes at a time when most of the artist in Kenya are said to be under depression with many suffering outside TV screen since they can not main their celebrity status.

Initially during the ceremony, many fans of Papa Shirandula series were expecting Njoro to speak since he was his close friend, but was not given chance.

Many thought he did not attend his friend burial ceremony, only the pictures of him next to Papa Shirandula’s grave surface online.

The death of Papa Shirandula’s death indeed might have affected Njoro so much and will also affected his role in Papa Shirandula series, since he was perfectly compatible with the late  Charles Bukeko when acting.

Generally, the Death of Charles Bukeko, aka Papa Shirandula is a big blow to the Papa Shirandla TV series, since he was the main actor, playing major role.

Charles Bukeko is said to have died out of the current pandemic disease, which has so far claimed many lives in Kenya and entire world.

Wife to the late Charles Bukeko blame Karen Hospital doctors and nurses out of negligence. She stated that despite his husband condition was an emergency, the nurses fail to act immediately despite her effort to reach them


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