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Kitui residents castigate Wiper MCAs for sabotaging Ngilu’s development agenda.



Kitui residents castigate Wiper MCAs for sabotaging Ngilu’s development agenda.

Kitui residents have come out in full force, guns blazing to castigate Wiper MCAs for diverting funds meant for funding Ngilu’s development agenda. The funds which had been set aside in the budget which was recently passed by the County Assembly after amendment was meant to construct more Kitui County Textile Centers (KICOTEC) in Mwingi and Mutomo sub-counties.
Reuben Kimanzi a resident of Mutomo said that Mutomo residents were much disappointed to hear that money meant to construct their Center had been scraped from the budget. He urged the wiper MCAs to set aside their political wrangles and work together because residents voted them in to bring development and not to politic.
According to Michael Mwanzi the failure of wiper MCAs to pass the budget in line with Ngilu’s development agenda was a huge disadvantage to many youths who would have gotten a golden opportunity to work in the new Textile Centers.
Milka Kiambi a resident of Mwingi said that as women they thought that the establishment of KICOTEC in Mwingi would aid in rehabilitating youths who are already engaging in drugs and substance abuse due to idleness. She further noted that they are hopeless following what happened in the Kitui County Assembly.
Dominic Mwaniki, a youth form Mwingi urged MCAs the desist from impeachment threats against governor Ngilu and instead focus on ways in which they can create more jobs for Kitui youths who are languishing in wanton employment and abject poverty.
The views by residents were echoed by Mwingi MCA Mary Kanini Phillip and Mutomo MCA David Masaku Munyao, who said that despite being elected on an independent candidature, they won’t shy off from promoting Ngilu’s trans-formative development agenda.
They further urged their fellow MCAs to stop thriving on side shows and support Governor Ngilu to develop Kitui.

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