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How SGR Has Reduced A Family To Street Beggars After Government Fail To Compensate Them.



How SGR Has Reduced A Family To Street Beggars After Government Fail To Compensate Them.

Tens of families affected by the extension of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) from Nairobi to Mai Mahiu Naivasha are yet to get their compensation three years down the line.

They have been reduced to beggars after their houses were brought down to pave way for the multi-million railway line.

The families have pointed an accusing finger at officers from the Ministry of Land and Kenya Railways for failing to address their grievances.

Speaking in Mai Mahiu, they said that they would petition parliament and senate to address the issue of compensation which has dragged on for years.

According to Grace Nyambura, she was forced to dig up a grave where she had buried her husband as part of the agreement with the State.

She said that they had been promised to get their pay in a matter of months but this had ended up to a three-year-wait.

“Before compensation we were first directed to pull down all the structures which we did but up to date we have not received even a penny,” she said.

The granny added that they had been reduced to squatters as they sought for shelter and food after giving away their parcels of land.

This was echoed by another victim Peter Ndidi who noted that the modern railway line had ended up destroying their lives.

He said that on several occasions they had visited the Ministry of Land only to be referred to Treasury in the never ending game.

“We fully supported this project and agreed to demolish our houses but we have been reduced to paupers with nothing from the government,” he said.

Ndidi called on area Mp Jane Kihara and Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika to come to their rescue so that they would get their compensation.

“We cannot farm or construct houses on this land as Kenya Railways has taken it with our consent but the problem is lack of compensation,” he said.

On his part, Zachayo Mutua noted that three years of waiting had turned up to disappointments, loss of livelihood and homes.

He accused the government officers of taking them in circles adding that there were over 50 families that were never compensated.

“We suspect that these government officers colluded and took our money and we are asking the Head of State to intervene,” he said.

A senior officer with Kenya Railways and who declined to be named said that the issue had been reported in their offices and they would look into it.

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