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Machakos Family In Fear of Loosing Their Property To a Rich Man who is Invading



Machakos Family In Fear of Loosing Their Property To a Rich Man who is Invading

A family in kyasila village in Mua hills of Machakos county are at Verge of being evicted from their ancestral land. Their father Ngolya Ndua  (now deceased) owner of a 15 acre land (plot number 167 in mua settlement scheme) had sold 4 acres to someone else according to a document seen by press

When he passed away in 1993 the buyer managed to acquire a title deed  for the entire land and since then he has been evicting the poor family from the said piece of land.

A visit at their home ,we meet the family who live in a mud walled house a sign of abject poverty who narrate their ordeal since passing away of their late father.

Joseph mwania the sixth born son in the family of seven children ,says je was born and raised in the same land and there was no conflict when his father was alive, the thing that shocked him is in 1998 when his deaf and dumb mother was alive they were served with an eviction order and their houses were demolished ,an act that led to him and his brother’s arrest.

Since then they have been living in fear until their mother died in 2010 as the buyyer keeps on frustrating their stay in the land since he acquired a title deed through the court .

Joseph and his brother works from hand to mouth hence they are unable to afford a lawyer to help them file a legal suit to challenge the issuance of the title deed to their oppressor .
The poor family says their school going children have been unable to concentrate in their studies due to the continued threats over their stay in the disputed land.They urge the government investigating agencies to chip in over what they termed as illegality of the land possession since they were not denied to bury their parents in the land in question.

” we have no peace since our father died,we are living in fear,whenever we see a vehicle passing in the nearby road ,we are really scared ,thinking they are people coming to frustrate us” said mwania.

However the other has the title deed of the entire piece of land ,which the poor family requests its cancellation and fresh investigations over the land ownership begin as they are risking remaining homeless if status quo is maintained.

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