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Over 28,000 households in Tana River and Wajir receive meat to celebrate Idd-ul-Adha  



Over 28,000 households in Tana River and Wajir receive meat to celebrate Idd-ul-Adha  
Some 28,000 household in Tana River and Wajir Counties majority of them who were displaced by the April floods and from poor family background respectively today had reason to smile when Arid Land Development Focus (ALDEF) a Wajir based organization with the support of Secour Islamic France (SIF) slaughtered 250 goats and shared out the meat.

According to the ALDEF Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ahmed Ibrahim Abdi, the Idul Adha cerebration that forms part of sharing with the less fortunate in the society will run for the next 3 days.

The entire exercise will cost ALDEF 61,000 dollars or approximately shs 6.1 million.

Abdi said that the day is important in Islamic calendar celebrated to remember when prophet Abraham was asked to slaughter his son but was replaced with a ram

“The Tana River community have been affected by three levels of disasters. They were affected by floods twice, around November/December last year and the April/May/June,” Abdi said.

“Most of families here lost their crops were ready for harvesting. Then came the locust devastation. Majority of them don’t have food and we found it wise to support,” he added.

The CEO said that a similar exercise was simultaneously taking place in Wajir where 700 goats were slaughtered and shared to 21,000 households in 16 pre-urban villages.

In Tana River 700 households will benefit and 250 goats allocated to them.

Among thee IDP camps that benefited from the donation in Tana River include Sombo, Anole, Taleo, Korio, Hamaress among others.

Jimeo Mohamed Hassan a resident of Dida thanked ALDEF for remembering the residents and enabling them celebrate Idul Adha with the rest of the Muslim world.

Khadija Makolo while thanking the two organization said that they came in handy and assisted the residents who lost their crops to floods twice.

Similar sentiments were shared by Zainab Juma of Anole who said that ALDEF came in to assist at the right time because ‘they had been forget by the government in times of tragedies’.

Daudi Shure assistant Kadhi of Sala Ward urged ALDEF and SIF to continue assisting the community in the area saying ‘their daily incomes cannot sustain their families’.

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