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Bishop Dr. Mike Brawan Request For More Covid-19 Isolation Centers



Bishop Dr. Mike Brawan Request For More Covid-19 Isolation Centers

Metro Church International Leader Bishop Dr. Mike Brawan has urged county and the central governments to expand and equip COVID-19 isolation facilities across the country to ease the mounting burden on hospitals.

He says surging infections are a cause of concern as the country grapples with testing challenges. Dr. Brawan says additional facilities brought closer to communities will help to accommodate and provide assistance to more people that contract Coronavirus Disease by day.

Speaking at the Church’s headquarters in Nakuru today, Bishop Brawan noted that with an expanded capacity for care of patients , more people exhibiting symptoms will be encouraged to go for testing, isolation and treatment and this will help in breaking the chain of infections in the Counties.

The Cleric observed that public learning institutions and guest houses can be identified, be fully equipped and made conducive to the critical exercise of voluntary testing and isolation.

His sentiments come as the ministry of health reports an unsettling case load of 21,363 active cases of corona virus across the country. The report indicates that 8,419 people have recovered from and 364 others have died of the disease as at yesterday.

Nakuru County with a population of 2 million people is ranked among hot spots owing to its location along the Western transport corridor. The department of health there says it has 200 beds in its 5 isolation centers across the County. The County has already reported 308 active cases of COVID -19.

Dr. Brawan noted that the country can only curb new COVID-19 infections if all and sundry exercised personal responsibility to safety and good health by adhering to the prevention protocol as stipulated by the ministry of Health.

He expressed fear at the worrying lax among some citizens  after the head of state re-opened the country saying that failure to observe the corona virus control protocol may lead to a more devastating lock down of more hot spot areas leading to grave economic consequences.

Control measures against COVID-19 dominated the seven sermons at the church with clergy appealing to congregants to comply with directives on safety as an ultimate defense against the disease.

Bishop Brawan at the same time called on the clergy to be as innovative as possible in their exercise amid the pandemic and reach out to as many people as possible with messages of hope, and most importantly ,constant reminders about control measures against COVID-19.

To be able to pull through the devastating plague Nakuru residents have been thronging churches for the much needed sense of community and spiritual sustenance since the re-opening of places of worship three weeks ago.

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