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How Kutui Residents Beat Financial Challenges During Covid-19 Period.



How Kutui Residents have Been Able To Put Food On The Table During Challenging Covid-19 Period.

Residents of Kitui living along the Tiva River in Kitui rural constituency have lauded Kitui governor Charity Ngilu for partially lifting the ban on sand harvesting for their community registered CBO, claiming that sand harvesting has been a great financial remedy for the especially during this period of Covid-19.

Governor Ngilu’s government had lifted the ban for sometime allowing Kitui based community CBOs to venture into sand harvesting at Tiva river and at Kiromboko area of Mwingi West at Kiambeere dam.

According to the residents, more than 300 households from the Tiva area are currently benefitting from proceeds of sand harvesting and so far, the area CBO is constructing a new school which is expected to benefit the community even more.

Nicodemus Masesi who the chair of the Tiva CBO lauded governor Ngilu for allowing sand harvesting along River Tiva, saying that residents have been benefiting immensely from the venture.

Masesi urged governor Ngilu to equip locals with even more lorries so that they may be able to supply enough sand for local construction, claiming the 20 lorries which are currently operating there aren’t enough.

Sabina Mbuvi, a woman from the area said that through sand harvesting locals have been able to put food on the table for their families.

She urged the governor to consider sourcing sand from the area for use at Manyenyoni where it is being used for the construction of Carbros and other construction materials.

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