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How Five Men Gang Up Murder of a 55 year Old Woman.



Detectives in Machakos are Holding Five Suspects Linked to the Murder of a 55 year Old Woman.

A family in Kathuma village, Kyambuko area at the top of Iveti hills in Machakos is demanding justice for their 55 year old mother who was murdered in cold blood  by a section of their relatives over what they termed as land disputes.

Juliana Mwikali Ngui was attacked by armed robbers who tied her hands and legs using a binding wire ,poured petrol on her and burned set her on fire.

A visit at the deceased home at the top of iveti hills tells you something is wrong, the silence here is wanting ,its only domestic animals present here, the family member have fled their home due to the insecurity they witnessed over the weekend during the attack.

They are now living at their elder brother’s home which is located a few kilometers away,even mourners have congregated here.

At the scene of crime we found broken window panes ,drops of blood and a cracked four roomed house due to the impact of the fire

Here Purity Nthenya daughter to the deceased  narrates the ordeal ,although could not control her tears ,she demands nothing but justice for her mother.

She claims their relatives have been telling them to vacate the land ,to an extent of sending them threatening messages
Daniel mutiso a relative says he arrived at the scene and found Juliana’s body  bleeding from the head and severely burnt .

Jackson makau the son who witnessed the incident says his uncle woke him up at around 5:00 am with reports that his father had been attacked at his other farm in mtito Andei in Makueni county ,and upon opening the door his other uncle attacked him ,with a group of goons ,an incident that forced his mother to open the door to her house.

“Mama alipofungua mlango ,wakasema ndiye walikuwa wanataka, wakamkamata,wakamwangilia petroli wakamrudisha kwa nyumba na wakamwasha moto” he possed.
He says at that moment they cut him with pangas ,beating him with rungus until he became unconscious ,until morning when he was rushed to the hospital.

Nelson ngui the  aged 70 who is husband to the deceased says people known to him armed with crude weapons had attacked him in his mtito andei farm ,left him unconscious before attacking his wife in his machakos home.

He  says he had recorded a statement with his deceased wife at machakos police station in 9/4/2020 over receiving death threats by people known to them under ob20/9/4/2020
Nelson and his son makau are currently nursing injuries sustained when they were attacked on different occasions.

The machakos sub county detectives  have so far arrested five suspects linked with the murder of Juliana mwikali who are currently held at machakos police station.

The machakos sub county dcio Rhoda Kanyi confirmed that the attack emanated from land disputes, and they were investigating the matter further .

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