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Leaders from Nakuru County are now demanding former ruling part KANU and Jubilee to institute disciplinary proceedings against Emurua Dikir Member of Parliament Johanna Ng’eno and his Kapsaret Counterpart Oscar Sudi over their public bashing of President Uhuru Kenyatta and former first lady Mamangina Kenyatta.

At the same time the leaders have said that they were working on a petition to recall Bahati Member of Parliament Onesmus Kimani Ngunjiri who they accused engaging in divisive and ethnically charged politics, aimed at derailing the President’s vision on Big Four agenda, war against corruption and his legacy.

Addressing a press conference, former Nakuru Town Member of Parliament David Njuki Manyara called on MPs to refrain from insults and abusive language, which he said was polarizing the country along ethnic lines ahead of 2022 general elections

Manyara who was accompanied by Nakuru County Assembly Majority Leader who is also Elementaita MCA Moses Kamau and his Gilgil counterpart Jane Ngugi said the two lawmakers should be reprimanded and asked to retract what they termed as ‘vitriolic’ remarks directed at the first family.

They said Ngunjiri, Sudi and Ng’eno had failed integrity tests by hurling abusive remarks at the head of state and openly disrespecting leadership of parties that sponsored them to parliament.

This comes after Ng’eno elected on a KANU ticket and his Kapseret Jubilee counterpart Oscar Sudi were recorded uttering unsavoury remarks against the head of state and his family.

Ng’eno was later arrested on Monday evening by police officers over claims of incitement.

He is accused of inciting constituents and making statements against the President and his family during a visit to Kiminnet in Transmara on Sunday.

Deputy President William Ruto later on Monday night distanced himself from the utterances made by the two leaders saying that “no amount of anger justifies the use of offensive insulting language” to the president.

On Tuesday, in a clip widely shared on social media platforms Sudi is filmed defending the Deputy President against what he terms as sabotage and intimidation while hurling unprintable statements against the former first lady and her family.

Manyara said the two MPs’ remarks were a threat to national cohesion, which President Kenyatta always emphasizes on.

“Our leaders are now crossing the red line. The freedom enshrined in the Constitution has been negatively exploited by politicians for their own individual interests. It is bad for Jubilee politicians to demean the President’s family particularly the former first lady,” said Mr Manyara

“We want politicians from different political dispensations to put aside their political differences and ambitions and sit down and reason together for a united country,” he added.

Ms Ngugi issued a seven day ultimatum to Mr Sudi to retract his statements directed at Mama Ngina Kenyatta and apologize to the former first lady or face unspecified action.

She said it was unfair and an abuse on the dignity of parliament for an elected leader to hurl unprintable insults to the former first lady. She urged the National Cohesion and Integration Commission to summon both Sudi and Ng’eno so that they can expound on their remarks.

“The government should stop funding and disband NCIC if it does not justify its existence by maintaining peace.  It is failing in its mandate to push for the prosecution of perpetrators of violence. There is sufficient evidence against very many members of parliament and nothing stops the NCIC from taking legal action. Peace cannot be obtained by allowing inciters to go on unchecked” observed the Gilgil MCA

The majority leader castigated a section of Jubilee legislators who have been demeaning the President in public, calling on the Head of State to crack the whip on defiant members.

He said inflammatory statements were likely to tear the country apart.

Mr Kamau said leaders should instead of engaging in divisive politics, focus their energies on, among others, dealing with the coronavirus pandemic expose Kenyans to harsh economic times.

The leader said politicians should, instead of washing their dirty linen in public, focus on assisting the President deliver on his promises.

“The President would want to leave the country united at the end of his term and politicians, regardless of whom they support, should at least allow him to deliver on the promises he made to Kenyans,” he noted.

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