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Mohhamed Ali, Hassan Omar Defend DP RUTO In Mombasa From Raila & Joho.



Mohhamed Ali, Hassan Omar Defend DP RUTO In Mombasa From Raila & Joho.

Deputy President William Ruto’s allies in Mombasa has hit back at ODM leader Raila Odinga’s camp over their attacks on him saying his philanthropic nature should not bother them.

Nyali MP Mohammed Ali said Governor Hassan Joho is misleading Raila, making him do political blunders, and lose ground in the process.

Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar said Raila has more wealth than Ruto but is mean.

Raila and Joho on Saturday said Ruto is using questionable wealth to buy allegiance from poor residents buy buying water tanks

“Those in government have been there for eight years and now pretend they did not know youth had no jobs, the women are suffering and Kenyans are crying. Now, with two years left, you start bringing bicycles, motorbikes, wheelbarrows. Where were you for all those seven years?” Raila said in an apparent attack on Ruto.

Omar however noted good leaders bridge certain deficits through philanthropy.

“The African society is built on the foundation of philanthropy. If you think Ruto is giving bread crumbs, give your bread loafs,” said Omar.

The two spoke at the Renaissance Centre, Omar’s offices in Kizingo, after meeting officials of the Buxton Welfare Association over their complaints over the Buxton Housing project.
On Saturday, said it is inexplicable that someone in government claims to be supporting the government yet stabs the same government in the back.

“You cannot be in government and oppose the same government you serve,” said Raila who called for support of the Building Bridges Initiative.

Ali and Omar said the BBI talk is being revived as a diversionary tactic to make Kenyans forget about the ‘Covid-19 heist’.

The MP said Joho is hiding behind BBI and handshake to avoid prosecution over his mismanagement of county funds.

Omar said Ruto’s government in 2022 will ensure all those who have stolen from public coffers, especially money meant for the Covid-19 victims, will be prosecuted and made to pay back all the money.

Ali said Joho is trying to elevate himself by insulting Ruto, who he said is not several leagues above the governor.

Joho has several times mocked Ruto over his ‘hustler’ tag saying hustlers do not fly in choppers.

“You stay in Vipingo, Kilifi County and use the same means that Ruto uses. You fly in choppers to Mombasa, are driven in fuel guzzlers to your office every day and you want to say you are the real hustler?” posed Ali.

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