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Ahadi Kenya Trust CEO Stanley Kamau Asked Police To Serve People Living With Disabilities From Their Homes.



Ahadi Kenya Trust CEO Stanley Kamau Asked Police To Serve People Living With Disabilities From Their Homes.

Ahadi Kenya Trust CEO Stanley Kamau has asked the police to serve people living with disabilities from their homes.

Kamau has said many criminal cases reported by disabled persons are unsuccessful as they are not reported on time. This, he said, makes them weak in court and end up being dismissed.

He cited a case where a blind woman from Nyanza was recently raped and her case thrown out after the suspect asked her if she could recognize him.

“Majority of them are unable to get to police stations on time to record statements due to their disabilities, which disadvantages them,” he said.

Many disabled persons, he noted, suffer from attacks such as assault and rape, and are unable to get justice.

Kamau said the police should issue out hotlines that the disabled can use to reach them and have their statements recorded at home.

“Their plight needs to be considered so that they can be accorded the necessary assistance,” he added.

He also pointed out that many people have suffered disabilities after being attacked or through accidents and that the cases would be reduced by heightened security.

Kamau said this on Friday while launching a police stations clean-up exercise at Maragua that aims at ensuring police officers work and live in hygienic environments.

Kamau who works closed with the first lady Margaret Kenyatta in the Beyond Zero campaign however urged persons living with disabilities to register with the national council to benefit from the government’s incentives.

He issued foodstuffs to over 200 people living with disabilities and disbursed hand washing tanks to 20 police stations in the county.

Deputy Inspector of Police Edward Mbugua who officiated the event said it is the role of police officers to serve all Kenyans and that they should go out to disabled persons to serve them.

“A victim does not have to go to a police station to record a statement. Officers can write the details on a piece of paper and later transfer them to the Occurrence Book (OB),” he said.

Mbugua praised Kamau for the clean-up exercise saying police officers will have their morale boosted by living in clean environments.

He challenged MPs to help lift the faces of police stations through the CDF kitty.

Mbugua noted that over 3,000 police officers have left the National Police Service since 2017 through retirement or death yet no new ones have been recruited.

Over 700 new police stations have also been gazette, bringing the total number to 1,300 countrywide.

“We are ordered to staff these new stations but there are no extra funds,” he said, urging traders to build rental houses near police stations to accommodate officers who now benefit from house allowances.

Mbugua challenged parents to report their children who indulge in drug usage in order to help the police reduce the crime rate.

“Parents notice the changed behavior of their children when they start indulging in drugs but do not report them yet many continue to blame the police,” he said.

He said this after Maragua MP Mary Waithera expressed concerns on the high levels of bhang smoking in the area.

Waithera said many of the suppliers have connections with the police and are allowed to pass road blocks while others use police vehicles.

“Bhang is now being sold like vegetables in Maragua. With the schools closed, more and more children are being recruited into bhang smoking,” she said.

The MP also lauded Ahadi Kenya for its numerous charitable activities that empower the lives of less fortunate Kenyans.

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