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Kalonzo applaud Senators over win-win revenue allocation formula.



Kalonzo applaud Senators over win-win revenue allocation formula.

Wiper Democratic Movement Leader Hon Kalonzo Musyoka has applauded Senators for finally agreeing and passing the revenue sharing formula as he cautions Governors over corruption in counties.  


The Wiper Leader says Governors must be held accountable over the loss of monies in the counties that they are mandated to lead and for that reason, they should not play victims when accountability is demanded.


Kalonzo says Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has requested for a meeting with him and the Leadership of the county which he says he will host on condition that the Senator and the Women Representative who both have a county mandate are present.


On Matters politics, the Wiper Leader has taken swipe at those who only refer to the three Governors from lower eastern two of who have declared their interest in gunning for the Presidency and Charity Ngilu when they want to challenge his control of the Kamba Nation vote yet they ignore the Senators and Women Reps who also have a county mandate.


Kalonzo says that a notion has been created and a narrative has been pushed to whitewash Kenyans on his command and supremo status in the Lower Eastern block adding that the naysayers will be shocked by the eventual outcome.

« Why is it that those who want to portray us as not serious candidates only refer to the three ukambani Governors opposed to us while ignoring the three Senators and three Women Representatives who also have a County mandate and support our Presidential course » Kalonzo Wondered


He urged his people not to waiver over such narratives saying he is confident that this time round,  he will win the presidency of this nation by the grace of God and the vote of the people of Kenya.


Kalonzo made the remarks yesterday during the burial ceremony of Mama Rose Kairu Nzoka, mother to Wiper political activist Mutati Nzoka in Maseki, Kimangao in Mwingi North Constituency.


The Wiper Boss was accompanied by Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua, Women Rep Irene Kasalu, Mps Charles Nguna and Hon. Paul Nzengu and a host of MCAs and local opinion Leaders.

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