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MPs Alice Wahome and Ndindi Nyoro Now Say They Will Not Honor Summons By The Police.



MPs Alice Wahome and Ndindi Nyoro now say they will not honor summons by the police.
The two have have said they informed local security heads of plans to disrupt the church function at Kenol AIPCA church yet no action was taken.
They said the police should first summon leaders who planned the chaos and who are well known to them.
They however said they are not in hiding and challenged the police to take them in court if they have evidence that they facilitated violence at their own event.
They said the violence that ensued at Kenol after youths clashed was state sponsored and money to ferry the youths channeled through local leaders.
The deputy president has been invited to Kangema and Mathioya and will go, they said, and welcomed their kieleweke counterparts to attend.
But if they plan to cause chaos, let them keep their money and keep off, they added, saying the Aipca Kenol church has been under construction for a while yet they had not chipped in to support.
Meanwhile, a section of the clergy has condemned the police for teargassing faithfuls at the Aipca church.
They  said the police knew that there was an ongoing wedding when they lobbed teargas at peaceful members of the church.
They then went in and grabbe
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