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Kalonzo Musyoka Final stretch in Msambweni By-Election Campaigns.



Wiper Democratic Movement leader Hon Kalonzo Musyoka Wednesday traversed Msambweni constituency to drum up support for the Wiper Party Candidate for the Up-coming 15th Dec By-Election Sheikh Mahmoud  Abdurahman.


Kalonzo who was in the company of the Party Chairman Hon Chrau Makwere and a host of MPs and MCAs says Wiper has presented the best candidate whose integrity is second to none.


The Wiper Leader said Sheikh will deliver the remaining projects that the late Hon Dori had started promising that he will retain the NG-CDF team in honour of the departed Leader.


Chairman Makwere said Sheikh passed the integrity and leadership test for him to be nominated by the Wiper Party to carry its flag in Msambweni.


Sheikh promised that when elected he will be the people’s servant and will bring up policies that will bring about development of industries in the area thus creating employment for the people.


The Wiper Team traversed Ramisi Ward addressing wanchi at Kilulu, Mafisini and Barabarani.

Today the Wiper Boss will host opinion and party grassroot leaders for the final strategy to capture the Msambweni seat. 


Msambweni will be going for elections on 15th to elect their new Mp after the demise of the Leader Hon Dori.


Also present was Mps Theudeus Nzambia of Kilome and Julius Mawathe of Embakasi South.

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