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Kamba Leader Now Want Kalonzo To Team Up With DP Ruto After Several Failed Attempts With Raila.



Building Bridges Initiative divide​ is being witnessed at the grassroots with opposers and proposers continue pulling to different directions.

Deputy President William Ruto allies are pursuing the dialogue push while Kalonzo Musyoka allied foot soldiers remain upbeat enumarating pros of the initiative to the electorates.

Speaking during burial of former Masaku Municipal mayor Fidelis Kimuyu at Kaani, Mavoko MP Patrick Makau​ challenged those opposing BBI to come clear on what they are against in the BBI without misleading the public.

“This Constitution will only save resources for the for the tax payers. We had two years making BBI , where were you? ” Said Makau.

“We cannot keep on saying yapping with blame games. Ruto has been in Government since 2012, so he is part of the failures” Said Makau.

He told BBI opponents in Ukambani to be very careful when opposing it in public otherwise they will be surprised when it sails through by June next year.

” Let us avoid inciting wananchi, if you don’t want BBI, let us meet in the ballot otherwise we are agitating for a noncontested refurundum” Said Makau.

Speaking in the same vanue, Munyaka said BBI was a misplaced priority at a time when the Country is in a financial turmoil and fighting Covid 19 pandemic.

He said that BBI will bring severe financial burden to the electorates by​ increasing representation.

” What we are saying as hustlers is​ that, let us use the Kes 14 Billion to address more pressing needs such as the war on Covid 19 as well as economic recovery” Said Munyaka.

Munyaka urged former Primier Raila Odinga to instead listen the plight of the Country saying that such amount of money should be used in buying Covid 19 vaccine.

The third term MP said said that 2010 constitution was one of the most expensive constitutions to implement citing rise of public debt over the years.

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