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Kitui deputy governor differs with Ngilu, says he will lobby for shooting down of BBI



Kitui deputy governor Dr. Wathe Nzau has diffred with Kitui governor Charity Ngilu over the BBI proposals and how Kitui county is likely to benefit from the document of the constitution is changed. Wathe Nzau seems not to be in the same page with his governor after he discarded the BBI document which Ngilu has been fully supporting.

Speaking  at Musila Gardens in Mwingi town during a donkey welfare sensitization and clinic Dr. Wathe Nzau said that the BBI document glaringly omitted recommendations made by the Lower Eastern bloc, and residents weren’t happy about that.

The DG outlining the BBI process said that Ngilu had met and hosted the BBI secretariat. Kitui County would later hold the BBI forum where recommendations of Lower Eastern Bloc were handed over to the secretariat by Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana.

“The top priority in the recommendations was creation of Mwingi County. Wathe Nzau said that they had been made to support the 2010 constitution with a promise that Mwingi County would be created later. The BBI was to remedy that injustice and give Mwingi residents a county so the devolution dream can be felt by everybody,” Said Dr. Wathe.

The BBI final draft did not provide extra county to Mwingi residents nor did it offer any path towards Mwingi becoming a county. This is despite it being a district since 1993. With disregard to the needs of the region, Wathe Nzau led the team in not appending signatures to the BBI proposed amendments.

Kitui Deputy Governor joins Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana and other illustrious leaders of the land in opposing the amendments and leading the NO team.

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