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Knut Rift Valley Teachers Vows To Oppose BBI.



Knut Rift valley teachers vows to oppose BBI

Rift valley  Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) has vowed to intensify a campaign against the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) citing government insensitivity in solving the stalemate between the once giant teachers union and Teachers service commission (TSC).

Speaking  at Kajiado town after all the branch officials were re-elected unopposed,the dejected leaders said TSC has brought the union to its knees to silence teachers.

Rift valley Executive secretary and NEC member  Elie Korinko accused the government of sitting on the periphery when the Draconian teachers service commission  is violating teachers rights.

Mr Korinko said the union will whip teachers to reject BBI vehemently in case the document is subjected to plebiscite.He said BBI is about power sharing in the executive but excluding motitude work force countrywide.

The teachers accuse TSC for intimidating teachers  in a scheme aimed to achieve Mass exodus from KNUT to render the union toothless.

They watered TSC recent circular prohibiting teachers from elective politics saying teachers will participate in a big way in all elective posts especially in the forthcoming 2022 general elections.

They want President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene to tame the iron fist manipulation of teachers  TSC boss Ms Nancy Macharia.

KNUT National Executive Rift Valley representative Alfred Rop challenged teachers to soldier on pushing for their rights oppressed by the employer.

Teachers took issue with the ongoing TSC review of handship areas with Kajiado teachers fearing the partly semi-arid county might be removed from handship counties to punish vocal KNUT officials from the region.

Teachers fear that if TSC makes true their threat hundreds of teachers will lose benefits they have always enjoyed.

The onset of TSC and KNUT wrangles in 2019 has dealt a blow to Kajiado teachers continuously.More than 30 teachers  from Mashuru Subcounty were interdicted in 2019 for failing to attend CBC orientation sessions.Some are yet to be reinstated despite court order directing the same.

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