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KUPPET digs for teachers’ guns, revoking of AON/MINET medical cover



KUPPET digs for teachers’ guns, revoking of AON/MINET medical cover

As teaching enters 5th week after schools were reopened after a long holiday caused by Covid-19 pandemic, teachers have continued to register their frustrations ranging from insecurity, poor working conditions, attacks from unruly students and a call for quality medical cover.

During a Makueni teachers delegates meeting shortly after Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) elections-Makueni branch at Sultan Hamud, teachers demanded for addressing of several issues that they said were pressing them.

The teachers said that the two schemes that cover them; NHIF and AON/MINET insurance are a big joke complaining of poor services and that they can’t get treated in any high-end hospital.

They called on the teachers’ employer Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to immediate revoke the MINET medical cover and also upgrade the NHIF to a comprehensive cover just like other civil servants questioning what they termed as discriminative cover.

KUPPET Deputy Secretary General Moses Nthurima who attended the meeting admitted that teachers were badly treated through the current insurance. He added that they had written to both TSC and MINET for a meeting to build a consensus on the continued teachers cry.

“It is true that the outpatient has been a challenge to MINET where teachers are forced to pay. There is pre-authorization which is causing problems to teachers since they are delayed in hospitals and the capitation is very little,” said Nthurima

He wondered why MINET was not offering the best service to teachers and yet they had paid about sh. 3.9 billion in phase one and sh. 5.6 billion respectively for teachers to receive quality health services.
Justus Kithusi, Makueni KUPPET Secretary General on his side decried a large number of teachers who had launched complaints with him due to period MINET insurance takes to approve treatment of teachers.
At the same time, teachers security in areas of Northern Eastern counties and Kapedo came out. Nthurima revealed the union had written to the ministry of interior for teacher to be given firearms.
“We are proposing that teachers be taken for training on gun use and thereafter be issued with guns so that as they teach guns are swinging on their waists. The lives of these children are not given a consideration and for teachers to teach in these areas they must be provided with guns,” Nthurima added
Nthurima told off Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) leadership on claims that they had robbed them off their members.
“It is the TSC that stopped deducting money from KNUT teachers and not us. When people go out there saying KUPPET has taken their members they are insincere,” he added

On the other side the Deputy Secretary General accused ministry of Education for taking over sports sector in schools and all funding. He said teachers were best placed to handle sports kit across the country.
The unending schools unrest was termed as a matter of urgency to be addressed. Such unruly behaviors were said to be risky to teachers with the union saying risk allowances were something to be considered.

Julius Mutwii, Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (KESSHA) chairperson Eastern region said students in many schools were seemingly stressed up after long holiday. He said schools were supposed to employ use of surveillance and more night security personnel to monitor schools.

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